Private sessions

Individualized instruction focused solely on one client.

Private sessions

  • $100 per sessionĀ for a packet of 5 or 10
  • $105 per single session

Semi-Private sessions

Offered to two clients with similar fitness levels and goals.



  • $55 per session for a packet of 5 or 10
  • $60 per client for one session


Top view of fitness studio with young women practicing Pilates system on reformer supervised by qualified trainer

Group Reformer classes

Limited to small group.

Class focuses on stability, mobility and balance as well as bone building exercises.


Limited to 4 participants

  • $40 per class

Postural and movement assessment

I strongly recommend it for all clients before starting any services. The assessment provides information to create a personalized program based on strengths and weaknesses and informs necessary modifications for individualized or group sessions.

Postural and movement assessment

  • 1 session $105

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